Summer is the time for trees to shine! No… literally, they will be getting all the shine because of the sun! Okay, okay, that was a bad pun, but puns aside, summer is truly upon us. Get ready for the fruit trees to start growing that delicious and totally delectable fruit. Yum! Somebody get me some fresh fruit ASAP. Therefore, we need to get you prepared!

So, we all know these southern summers are HOT. Sometimes they are truly so dreadfully hot, we can’t imagine it being any hotter. My, oh, my… don’t even get me started on the humidity! It is just criminal how humid it gets down here. Anyways, the point is, with heat and humidity: you’re bound to attract some insects. Here are a few things to do to help prevent those pesky pests on your fruit trees.

Ant on Tree

First of all, once the temperatures reach above 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit, it is time to take down those bugs. Pollination season is over, so it is safe to use pest and disease prevention sprays on your trees. The summer months are the growing season for many trees and other vegetation, and it is also the time that many bugs come out as well. However, before applying pesticides and other repellants, you need to make sure that every flower petal has already fallen. If they haven’t, your tree will not be in tip-top shape!

Summer spraying is important to prevent potential infestations and other deadly diseases. Make sure to read the label thoroughly on whatever spray you choose to use. You can never be too safe with these sprays, so it is recommended to contact a professional service, like here at Brad’s Tree Care before utilizing these preventive sprays.

Lastly, not all sprays are made the same! Make sure to read the ingredients on spray labels because some sprays contain harmful ingredients. These formulas for tree sprays are not regulated by the FDA, therefore companies are subject to put whatever they want without actually labeling it. That’s why it is also important to spray when it is not windy outside. You’re risking getting that pesticide on areas that definitely don’t need it!

Plum Tree

Well, now you’ll be ready to go for the summer sun! As always, at Brad’s Tree Care, we want to see your trees succeed and flourish. Call us with all your questions, and we would be more than happy to make recommendations for insecticides we know and trust.