Your trees are surely starting to look alive and beautiful again. It is springtime, and the growth is abundant! Although, maybe it is becoming a little too abundant. What should you do? Is it proper to prune in the springtime? What about when they begin to bud or bloom? So many questions… here are the answers.

Okay so first off, pruning is a tricky business in general. You don’t want to accidentally cut off any of your blooms or any of those tree goodies! We recommend using a professional tree care service such as Brad’s Tree Care. Not only can they give you guidance, but they can make sure your trees look the best. In the meantime, let’s look at some ways to see if tree pruning in the spring is even possible!

Springtime pruning should be for two things and two things only:

  • Safety
  • Aesthetics

Let’s delve into that a little deeper. So, when we say “safety” this means looking for dead or dying branches. This not only helps keep your tree healthy and safe from unnecessary branch breaking, it also keeps your home safe too! Dead branches can come off at any time, and when they do… nobody wants them to end up whacking out a window!

Pond Tree

Secondly, springtime pruning also deals with the aesthetic of your tree. If necessary, small branches can be cut or completely removed to help shape your tree. It also should be stated that many fruit-bearing or flowering trees should not be pruned until after their blooming season. You’ll surely ruin any sort of aesthetic appeal if you end up cutting off your blooming branches!

White Tree

Pruning trees can be difficult because sometimes we just don’t know what is best for our trees. That’s why Brad’s Tree Care is here to assist you in every way they can. It is important to them to get your trees looking their best for the warmer weather.