Oh springtime, it is the time of year when everything feels so fresh and new! The temperatures are slowly rising, and the days are starting to get longer. The flowers will start to bloom, and life gets good! All this rebirth of natural life is a great thing for your trees… This means that new growth will surely be coming your way!

Since spring is approaching quickly, here are a few of the earliest blooming flowers on your shrubs and trees.


  • Forsythia

The Forsythia shrub is known for its brightly colored and flourishing yellow flowers. If you have any forsythia shrubs planted, you are than likely to see these first and foremost before any other bloom. Forsythia flowers pop up as soon as spring has arrived, so keep your eyes on the lookout. However, their beautiful yellow blooms don’t stay for long. These little guys are the first to come and usually the first to leave! So, don’t miss the beauty they have to offer.


  • Magnolia Trees

Magnolias are one of my favorite blooms, and this is mostly because they remind me of home and my childhood. They smell just divine and downright nostalgic (you know what scent that is, don’t tell me you don’t!). Magnolia blooms are usually a perfect white or a fabulous shade of pink. My favorite thing about these flowers is how big and bold they are! Oh, and when the petals begin to fall… that is a sight to see.


  • Flowering Dogwood.

Another glorious bloom is the Flowering Dogwood. They are pretty much as well known as the Magnolia, and their beauty is no less! When these trees begin to bloom, the entirety of the tree is filled with the most magnificent and delicate blooms.

We hope you are just as excited as we are about spring coming our way. It is such a glorious sight to see all the beautiful, bright, and fabulous colors of all the flowering blooms on our beloved shrubs and trees. Call Brad's Tree Care for all your spring landscaping needs!