Since grade school, we’ve been told how the trees help our environment for obvious reasons. However, in recent years, the value of trees has been explored much more deeply. It has been brought to our attention that our precious earth is in danger, which of course is nothing entirely new, but the situation has only gotten worse. There is no better time than the present to aid our climate problems and stabilize the environment. At Brad’s Tree Care, we take great pride in ensuring the health of trees—specifically the health of our customer’s trees. The proper care of your trees could help the earth significantly. Therefore, we will take action in every way we can.

Trees in a Field

Many of our forests have been destroyed and therefore, our environment has been compromised. You may be thinking that your single tree in your yard is not doing much for the environment, but on the contrary! Every single tree helps secure the necessities of life. One tree can do a lot for us. Just have a look for yourself:

A single tree filters and purifies approximately 100,000 square meters of polluted air every year. This filtration includes the purifying of toxic metals such as mercury, lithium, and lead. One tree helps provide essential elements for our own lives, including oxygen. Without our dear tree friends, we would not be able to breathe. Trees also help reduce outside temperatures in the summer months by up to 4 degrees. It can provide protection from dangerous UV rays and heat exhaustion.

Trees also provide homes for animals in our environment therefore preserving our precious ecosystem. We can help prevent the extinction of certain species by giving them a place to live and multiply. Trees can make food items that also help us survive, and they allow the earth to thrive. The importance of trees is not to be overlooked, and we should be more aware of why we need to help our trees.

That being said, to reap the life-changing benefits of trees, you need to make sure they are being taken care of properly. This is why you should only use professional guidance and care to ensure the quality of life of your trees. At Brad’s Tree Care, we want you to help change the world! Call us to get started on how you can help save our environment.

Tree at Night