As much as we all love our trees, sometimes they have to be cut down. It can be a terribly sad time for us all, but in our hearts, we know it is for the best. Have you ever wondered how the experts cut down trees without a lot of extra damage? Well, here are some of the basics of cutting down trees.

The first thing the experts think about when cutting down a tree is safety. Safety is no joke when it comes to something as massive as a tree. There are certain precautions to know and safety gear to wear when taking on such a challenge. First and foremost, the logger’s helmet is needed to protect the head from falling branches. Most injuries when cutting down a tree are caused by those pesky loose branches. Earmuffs to protect the ears and face screen and safety glasses to protect the eyes are also very useful. Lastly, Kevlar chaps are so that if there is a mishap with the chainsaw, you’ll still have a leg. You know, just slightly important body parts!

Oak Tree

Okay, so now that the safety part is taken care of, let’s talk about the other things needed to take on this tree cutting endeavor. To help determine the felling direction of the tree, a notch is cut about halfway through the tree. This is going to help guide the tree in falling in whatever direction wanted. Sometimes it is necessary to tie a rope at the top of the tree to help it fall in the desired direction. After cutting the felling notch, you’ll want to get on the opposite side and cut a smaller notch. The tree should then start to lean and fall soon after. The next thing needed is to make sure there is a clear escape path secured and ready to go!

Tree Stump

The escape path is probably the most important part of cutting down a tree. Loose branches, vines, and other tree parts can come flying off and cause injuries. Since this is the last thing wanted, it requires careful attention and cautionary behavior to ensure safety.


This is a big task, and that’s why the professionals at Brad Tree’s Care want to help you! They make safety the number one priority. No need to attempt to cut a tree down when there is a company to do just that! This can be a dangerous endeavor and should be handled by the professionals. So, go ahead and call Brad’s Tree Care today to get the help of the experts.