Even when their leaves are gone, our trees need our assistance. The cold weather that will come soon enough can be detrimental to the trees and cause them to undergo major stress! This is not fun for the trees nor is it going to be fun for you when the spring comes and your tree is not flourishing. These are a few easy tips to help ensure your tree is as healthy as possible come spring!

Mulch can provide great assistance to the health of your tree. By placing the mulch underneath and around the base of your tree at the beginning of fall and early winter, you can prevent water loss. In extremely cold temperatures, the tree is more prone to lose water and other nutrients. The mulch will act as a second skin and help protect the tree from the cold weather.

Autumn Mulch

Speaking of water, it is also helpful to water your trees! As easy and as obvious as this sounds, many people might believe that droughts in the winter are not as serious as summer ones. Well, I am sorry to burst that bubble, but all droughts are terrible for your trees. So, give your trees your love and water them in the fall and winter. 

Another thing you can do when the leaves are gone from your trees is to prune them. Since trees are hibernating in the cold weather, it will be much easier to properly prune. By doing this, you are helping relieve stress on the tree and promote healthy growth for the spring. Just be sure to check the best way to prune your tree. Every tree is different and therefore has different pruning needs.

Lastly, plant your new trees now! With the falling leaves and cooler weather, it is one of the most terrific times to plant. Why? Well, since the new trees have sufficient time to root themselves well into the ground, their growth in the spring will be exponentially better! The rain showers of the spring and the glistening sun of the warmer months will allow your deep-rooted tree to be in its prime!

Autumn Tree Branches

Now that you have these tips, you’re bound to have beautiful trees for the spring. A little effort goes a long way for our leafy friends. Just never forget, the trees need us and we need them. So, with that in mind, go take care of your trees!

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